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One monkey typing Shakespeare, one post at a time

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31 July 1956
I grew up in small towns all over Southern California, which may be why I love living in a large metropolitan city so much. Lived in San Francisco for a while before moving New York, where I have now resided longer than any other place in my life.

Bearded, blue-eyed, right handed, lactose tolerant. Loving, lovable, and truly blessed to be partnered with mudcub. I embrace my bearosity although currently trying to shed a few pounds. I appreciate a good sense of humor, and think I possess one, too.

I enjoy getting together with friends for movies, musuems, meals, poker, outings, and other activities. Check out my many other likes and interests below.

I’ve produced numerous S/M at the Movies films clips programs which have been shown to organizations and at film festivals, museums, and special events internationally. Contact me at thornyc@livejournal.com for more information.

And yes, it’s my real name.

Notice as per LJ standards:
You must be this open-minded to read this Journal. This is a Journal of an adult gay male, and as such includes images and discussions of a frank (adult) nature. You may even see a penis or two. If you are under 18, you should read this and other adult-gay-male journals to learn about people and their lives that are different from yours, and ask your parents, teachers, and religious leaders why they're so afraid that you do so.

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Dislikes (39):
adam sandler, all things microsoft, ann coulter, aol, time warner, and movietickets.com/moviefone.com/777-FILM, aural static and distortion, baby corn, baby strollers the size of SUVs, bagpipes, beards without mustaches, broken escalators, candles on birthday cakes, classical music, country-western music, dickhead cheney, dr. phil, ear hair, gene shalit, george w. bush, geraldo rivera, green bell peppers, gristle, hypocrisy, incense, judge judy, incorrect aspect ratios, matches, mocha desserts, mushrooms, mustard, opera, people who use the world as their ashtray, pulp in orange juice, rachel ray, rap music, reality tv, republicans, squeaky violins, stinky cheeses, kinky people who are closeted out of cowardice and privilege, "your call is important to us"
adbusters, akbar & jeff, amusement parks, amy sedaris, andy warhol, animation, avant garde theater, awe, bad movies, baths, bbq, beards, bears, big guns, big moustaches, bondage, books, bookstores, boots, boswell pipes, boxing, breakfast cereal, brian eno, bruce weber, burns & allen, calvin & hobbes, card games, cheerfulness, chihuly, chris ware, chuck liddell, cigars, contemporary art, cookies, cooking, cowboy boots, cowboys, crisp bacon, crossword puzzles, culture jamming, curiosity, diners, domino, dtwof, ephemera, esopus magazine, fellini, film festivals, five o'clock shadows, flat tops, flogging, football, forearms, foreign films, full moons, gastronomica, gengoroh tagame, google, graphic design, guy maddin, handcuffs, high and tights, highland games, hirsuteness, homemade chex mix, humor, hypermasculine action figures, i love lucy, ice cream, ice water, inconspicuous consumption, indian food, industrial rubber, j.c. leyendecker, jack-in-the-box tacos, jem cohen, jockstraps & cups, john cameron mitchell, joost swarte, junk food, laughing, leather, leather pride, leathermen, long hot baths, lynda barry, magazines, mapplethorpe, margaret cho, mark morford, masculinity *with* the trappings, massive traps, miniature golf, movies, mutts, nuts, nyc, nyc subway mosaics, old movies, perlorian cats, perverting the dominant paradigm, philip glass, photography, pinball, pipes, poker, pop culture, red beards, regional foods, rex, road trips, roadside attractions, robert rodriguez, robert sabuda's pop-up books, rollercoasters, rubber, s/m, s/m erotic art, samuel delany, santiago calatrava, scba masks, sitcoms, sleazy motels, sleeping in late, slow food movement, sludgemaster, soakies, sports gear, steven millhauser, sweat, tacos, talking heads, terry gilliam, the night sky, the onion, the simpsons, thrift stores, tivo, tom of finland, tom stoppard, touch, toy surprises, turnout gear, typography, uniforms, vernacular design, walter van beirendonck, wikipedia, wim wenders, wuvable oaf

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