Thor (thornyc) wrote,

While I was out

I married the love of my life, Patrick Kellogg/mudcub, on June 14 of this year, at the NYC Office of the City Clerk.

We were so thrilled to have many of our friends in attendance there and at our celebration/reception the next day. Especially our longtime friends (and personal heroes) Jeff/hammerride (on the right) and Ed/tycho_anomaly, who have been together 26 years, got married themselves just last weekend (congratulations, guys!), and who were our witnesses and ringbearers.

We wrote our own vows and exchanged them in front of friends and family on both coasts. We celebrated with bubble ray guns, tacos, cupcakes, bicycles, fried chicken, games, songs, pies, succulents, Japanese photobooths, poems, cowboys, roller coasters, and giftbags for all. We had the wedding, ceremony, and parties we wanted -- informal and fun!

photo by BJ/caestus

Tags: mudcub
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