December 26th, 2009

neil bruce portrait

Very sad news

I have very sad news to relay that my friend Dan Simmonds, here as danbearnyc, died yesterday. The cause of death is not certain but I was also told he fell and broke a bone recently. Horrible news. I know he had many, many friends here on Live Journal. If/when I get additional news about any memorial service I will pass that on.

I will greatly miss his wit and generosity. He was always so thoughtful with his many gifts. The last time I saw him was a couple weekends ago at Brian/wonderboynj's birthday party, where I marveled at the perfectness of his gift for Brian. He was also one of only two people who volunteered when I asked my friends here on LJ for some help with a difficult task.

I ran many pictures of him in my journal -- he was a regular at my birthday party movie nights & dinners, although he usually mugged for the camera when I pointed it at him, and the results I often thought were unflattering. So here's a pic from his own journal, next to a mascot outside a Korean chain restaurant in his Queens neighborhood.

Now I'm going to have a good and long cry, and I'll toast his memory next time I have a drink of Irish whiskey.
my sentimental friend

At words for a loss

H E A V E N   J U S T   G O T   A   L O T   M O R E   F A B U L O U S

Christmas Day I had a "Jewish Christmas" (Chinese food and a movie) with my friends lolitasir, David, Brian, and Jim (nom de porn Victor Terry). Two Peking ducks divided by five people = BLISS. Plus Szechuan dumplings, tangerine prawns with long beans, and Mandarin salmon with lots of snow peas and water chestnuts. Then Up in the Air which was very good although I squirmed and cringed a bit since I work under near-constant fear of being laid off or fired.

Today a Boxing Day party at Kaz & George's, then down to Hudson Bar & Books cigar bar down in the Village with my friend Don/bulldognyus, toasting danbearnyc's memory with a couple of Irish whiskeys.

Thank you everyone for your kind words on my previous post and elsewhere here on LJ, Facebook, Twitter. I thought he only sent me and a few friends fun URLs and videos and articles, burned DVDs, came out to greet visiting LJers, and opened up his home which made NYC visits possible for many. It turns out he did this for scores and scores of friends and acquaintances, and in addition to his many local friends, left behind dozens of virtual ones who never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. I want to be more like Dan when I grow up. That all of this can be taken away so suddenly is so capricious, so unfair. Let your friends and family and loved ones know how much they mean to you the very next chance you get. Now do it again.