December 22nd, 2009

my sentimental friend

Good friends

G O O D   F R I E N D S

By the time we reached Nayland's on Saturday for poker & cigars the first snow of the Blizzard of '09 was just beginning to fall. By the time we left six hours later six to eight inches had accumulated, which we trudged through to the subway. mud and I were out in the actual blizzard twice more later that evening to see a late cabaret show on 42nd St. I can see why the eskimos have fifty words for snow, this snow was very dry and frozen, a light powder that would blow around easily into drifts, not sticking (even making snowballs was difficult). But later, with driving winds of 30 mph, you couldn't even face into it, it felt like hundreds of tiny... well, icicles hitting your face. I almost got frostbite in the minute and a half it took me to hail a cab at midnight (thankfully successfully -- there were few available ones on the streets, and a lot of cars were spinning their tires and skidding in the accumulation that the city snowplows weren't keeping up with).

From left to right, naylandblake, Jeff/hammerride, Ed/tycho_anomaly, mudcub

green square

The Tree

T H E   T R E E

I was headed crosstown last Friday afternoon to pick up tickets to a movie at MoMA when the bus lurched past the big tree at Rockefeller Center -- perhaps you've heard of it -- so I grabbed my camera out of my bag for this hipshot shot. Actually, it's my only glimpse of the tree so far this year -- mud and I went out after a late dinner that night to look at holiday decorations and windows, but it was so late they had turned the lights out on the tree!

The 100+ flags surrounding the sunken ice rink are usually the flags of the countries of the world, but this year during the holidays they substituted in all silver and gold ones. I was also glad to notice that Rock Center has scaled back on the paranoid security measures spawned by the previous administration's "terror alerts" -- access to the tree is no longer blocked off, you can now go right up to it and have your picture taken next to it.

I'm sure I'll get back to see the tree before they take it down in a few weeks -- it's always so pretty.