October 23rd, 2009

I want a taco

What I did last night

Got together with naylandblake who went shopping with me to help pick out at Eee for Meee.

Then we had a yummy dinner at a Mexican restaurant in his neighborhood, although the service was teh straight.

Then after doing some grocery shopping, someone shouted out my name on the sidewalk. It's bobo_dreams, who was out drinking with his good-lookin' buddies! I didn't recognize him 'cause he's lost weight and shaved off his goatee, and well, 'cause I had never met him before, only knew him from all his talents (photography and comics and cuteness!) he shares with us here on LJ.

Then I came home and watched Pwoject Wunway which is really boring this season full of really young, not terribly talented designers, although they did finally send the whiny Moonface home last night. The challenge was especially stupid this week, they go to the design studio to be told by Heidi they'll be bussed to Rodeo Drive "to meet a famous designer" who turns out to be the oompa-loompa judge Michael Kors, who gives them a two-sentence challenge to be inspired a locale represented by a selection of cheap stock photos. The results were equally uninspired. Maybe if they actually gave the designers more than a Supermarket-Sweep 20 minutes to tear through Mood to shop for materials and time in the studio instead of running around town for photo ops they might actually come up with some better fashions. It felt like they pulled this challenge out of their ass to placate the mostly AWOL and recently-returned Mr. Orange, giving him a plug for his Beverly Hills store.

And mudcub arrives tonight to spend the weekend with me. We're going to do a bunch of fun stuff.