October 20th, 2009

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Out and about in DC

T H E   S H O P   T H A T   T I M E   F O R G O T

R E N T A L   B I C Y C L E   V E N D I N G   M A C H I N E !

M O M   M U S T   W O R K   F O R   T H E   M E T R O

T O W A R D   T H E   L I G H T

photography merit badge

The Photography of Vivian Maier

This post goes out to chrisglass, naylandblake, mondragon, transairn, scream4noreason, bobo_dreams, mhgagnon, bigjohnsf, and the many other talented photographers here on LJ who have allowed me to have their images grace my “Best Photos of the Week” round-ups.

I’m totally loving this photography blog recently highlighted by kottke. It features images by Vivian Maier, an amateur photographer who shot and saved some 40,000 photographs taken on the streets of Chicago from the 1950s through the 1970s. The prints and negatives were bought in an auction of unclaimed storage goods when she became ill (and recently passed on), and are being shared a few each week by the new owner, also a photographer. You can read more of this story and see more of her work at the blog, http://vivianmaier.blogspot.com/

Above, a self-portrait of sorts, and below and beneath the click-through, a sampling from what’s been shared so far. Beyond the qualities of the camera she was using, her eye was amazing. It’s as accomplished as any number of “fine art” photographers (Diane Arbus, for one) also known for their street photography. I’m sure there will eventually be exhibits and a book featuring her work.

The images are shown in small format on the blog, but you can click on each one to get a larger version (my “repros” here are a size in between). I set up an LJ feed so you can get new posts (which come with the images) on your LJ Friends page: http://syndicated.livejournal.com/vivianmaier/

I chose this collection in part to complement artist Maira Kalman’s street photography featured in a previous post. There are so many wonderful images even among what’s been posted so far that I may do another selection.

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