October 3rd, 2009


Making the universe safe for churros

Where am I? Why, beyond infinity, of course. My nephew finally hit 40" in height so he was able to go on some rides for the first time. I hadn't been to Disneyland in around ten years, so some of them were new to me, too. This one, Toy Story Midway Mania at California Adventure, was a lot of fun, since it combines so many effects - ride, video, shooting gallery, 3-D, and even the sensation that things are being thrown at you (and barely missing), thanks to targeted air jets.

But it was probably the rides I hadn't been on since my own youth that had the most resonance for me -- the Matterhorn, and the circumnavigating train (which still had the Grand Canyon and animatronic dinosaur dioramas!).

It was also very cool to meet/see/run into at the park Steve/putzmeisterbear and Jason/fogbear, Douglas/soundbear, and albadger, all of whom were in town for tomorrow's big Gay Day at Disneyland.

Today, my nephew's soccer game, and birthday party. More to come.


The Gayest Place on Earth

Even Mickey was wearing red for Gay Days at Disneyland!

I was totally thrilled to finally get to meet Steve/putzmeisterbear and Jason/fogbear!
I also ran into Douglas/soundbear and albadger -- it IS a small world after all!

My favorite gay cartoon couple.
I wonder if they finally got married when it was possible last year?

After the parade.

Pretty colors!

Disney knows exactly who they're marketing to.

Even the fireworks were gay!