September 30th, 2009

muybridge handspring

Loop the Loop

If you thought upside-down looped roller coasters were a relatively modern invention (as did I), think again. From Shorpy, a photo from Coney Island, 1903. But notice that without motorized accelerators (or more real estate for a larger and taller - and thus faster - 'coaster) the size of the train: only two cars, holding a total of four people, went loop-the-loop at a time. You can see an even larger version of the photo by clicking on it.

Click here and here for more loopy fun, and clicking on the "coney island" tag will take you to some pretty cool past photo posts, too.

surprised kitten

Best of Favorite Photos of the Week - All-Cat Edition

ponkan @machine troubled... via markmonroe

I was looking for a particular image that I had run in a past Favorite Photos of the Week, and realized that over the months one of the more frequently recurring subjects photographed (and LOLled) were cats. Which makes sense, supposedly they're the second-most looked at category, after pr0n, (which itself is getting nicely LOLled here, still NreallySFW) on the innerwebs.

Here, then, for you cat lovers out there, the photos featuring cats from my occasional Favorite round-ups.

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happy fingers

Now we are five

photo by Scott/schlingel

Autumn is officially here, now that I’ve pulled my Bears knock-around varsity-style jacket out of the closet, where it’s been ensconced for the past six months. Here’s a picture of its (and my) backside from my ’05 trip to Japan.

Tomorrow I head out to Southern California for my nephew’s fifth birthday. You know what a big deal your fifth birthday is! He’s getting a Star Wars-themed party this year (last year was Nemo). I thought of finding a couple of bandoliers and going as a wookie, but I think the other parents would prefer it if I wore some clothes.

The weekend will also include a trip to Disneyland, which I’m looking forward to, even though the cost of park admission is now approaching a C-note. I haven’t been there in many years, so for any Disney park fans reading this, anything relatively new that I should make sure I see/do? What did they do with the Carousel of (Nostalgic) Progress area? I also heard the Enchanted Tiki House was finally mothballed, but that didn’t take up much more space than a churro stand. I’ve done the Trip to Mars human salad spinner at Disney World a few years back, but that’s all. Have they added more attractions at California Adventure since it first opened?