September 14th, 2009

photography merit badge

Favorite photos of the week


Summer is over and people are back at their computers and back on LJ, as indicated by the wealth of recently posted images to choose from. So much that I'm dividing "Favorite photos of the week" into two postings. Today's selections, somewhat arbitrarily, will be "Buildings and Portraits."

Today and tomorrow you'll see a large number of photos by the highly talented megazoid and scream4noreason, as well as dhpbear, who took a wonderful series of portraits of happy bearded men at a recent biker run -- all of whom should be considered part of the FPotW Hall of Fame, along with bigjohnsf, bitterlawngnome, manhattandetail, peppabear, rockey1, ruralrob, and transairn. You can find out more about the pictures and see their other fine work by visiting their Journals, and y'all should just go ahead and friend them for future eye-popping goodness.

This. This is why I'm here at LJ -- all the people here generous with sharing their talent with the world.

Enjoy, and come back tomorrow.

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