September 2nd, 2009

this is not a pipe

Tweets for the tweet

It’s time once again for a round-up of some of my recent posts at twitter. And now I should post a pointer at Facebook. Wait, now all the cool kids are over at tumblr!

These usually run backwards in time, but a few multiple tweets have had their order reversed for the sake of the punchlines.

☞ eating a Little Debbie snack cake and feeling very white trash.

☞ tonight, dinner in soho w/ buds, including two big musclebears visiting from uk, and a thespian from wisconsin.

☞ saw a great show at fringe fest last night, THE BOXER - "a silent movie on stage"

☞ is on the crazy bus to soho to pick up fringe fest tix - crazy person sounds like harvey fierstein SCREAMING.

☞ actually, it might be him.

☞ Tattoos are the new wristwatches.

☞ seeing TAXIDERMIA tonight with naylandblake & danbearnyc! shouldn't eat first, but I'm risking it.

naylandblake says, "If you see only one competitive eating / giant cat movie this year, make it TAXIDERMIA!"

☞ Which is better than my pullquote, "If you liked the Mr. Creosote sketch in MONTY PYTHON'S THE MEANING OF LIFE, you'll love TAXIDERMIA!"

☞ Add to my repertoire of impressions: the moaning lady in the Gorey title sequence for PBS's Mystery! series: ohhhhh!

☞ DC hilites: scored copy of BearFlavoured 4 mudcub at Lambda Rising, brunch at Georgia Brown's, found great new home 4 mud. Returning happy.

☞ ...just passed a church by the side of the highway with a COLOSSAL statue of jeebus standing next to it.

☞ is on bus on way to DC to help mudcub find new home.

☞ I wish "It is what it is" wasn't.

☞ Oh, Whole Foods, we hardly knew ye. And you leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

☞ Note to self: Do not keep spare batteries for camera in same gym bag pocket with quarters. It's not good for batteries, quarters, or bag.

☞ mmm 3 kinds of BBQ ribs at Blue Smoke! Shrimp corn dogs w/ avocado-lime dip for starters, and the best chocolate cake and milk for dessert!

☞ The mantra, "Well at least I'm not a heroin addict" somehow got me through the day.

☞ (Apologies to any heroin addicts on my twitlist.)

☞ Darn. is taken.

☞ Tonight I either do the laundry, or buy some more underwear.

☞ A friend gifted me with a box of Tim Hortons donuts. I am underwhelmed. Major points off for leaving out the custard in the Boston Cream!

☞ To theoctothorpe: Virgin America’s RED was overbuilt but enough of it works. I'm fine with them concentrating on keeping the planes aloft.