August 19th, 2009

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I’ve whittled down my selections to NYC’s Fringe Festival, and plan on seeing the following. For those of you who often comment “I’d really like to get together and do something with you,” well, here’s your chance, several of them, in fact. Tickets are available at the Fringe website ( and usually at the door, provided the performances don’t sell out, which happens with a few shows that manage to generate sufficient buzz.

I like the “wild card” aspect of the Fringe Festival, trying something adventurous, shows that sound fun and different. Live theater for just a couple bucks more than a movie – all tickets are just $15. It IS a crapshoot – I’ve seen some really fun productions: an improv live version of Scooby Doo, last year’s Sailor Man, which was also a cartoon brought to life (in this case the early, violent Popeye cartoon with Bluto and Popeye constantly fighting) – but also some clunkers: a theatricalization of Moby Dick performed by clowns and mimes, and an adaptation of Carrie which fell flat.

TEAROOM TANGO, featuring Karl/bookbear, visiting from Wisconsin
Welcome to the hidden world of bathroom sex. Six men share their lives through frank and disturbing monologues. The tearoom intertwines with the stories and builds to an unforgettable climax. Explicit content and brief nudity. Mature audiences only.
Sunday 8/23 5:30 pm.
This is the second performance so I’m hoping bookbear can meet with us after the show. Wisconsin’s local edition of the The Onion (in the non-made up A/V Club arts section) ran an interesting interview with the playwright.,30662/
Guessing from what I’ve read, Karl’s playing the “loner bear.”

Enter the mind of brilliant composer Raymond Scott, whose life’s work is hijacked by cartoonists. With swing dancing, puppetry and futuristic music machines. A new work from the creators of
FringeNYC hit “There Will Come Soft Rains,” Time Out five-star pick.
Friday 8/28 9:30 pm
I love the music of Raymond Scott (as well as many of the wacky cartoons he scored). Powerhouse already got a rave review from the NYTimes arts blog (, and it’s in a 99-seat house, so it might sell out – I’m surprised it hasn’t already.

Flying saucers! Backstabbing bitches! Muscle hunks and men in pumps! Wake up and smell the
alien invasion in this outrageously insane comedy by a multi-award winning artistic team.
Saturday 8/29 4:00 pm
I have no idea what to expect from this, except that it features Everett Quinton from Charles Ludlam’s late great Ridiculous Theater, and sounds like a lot of fun.

Depression Era. A bumbling Boxer. A lass dressed like a lad. The Boxer is a unique silent film on-stage in the style of Chaplin and Keaton comedies. Live music, Love and Laughter gang up in this roundhouse hit from Texas.
Wed 8/26 7:00 pm