August 11th, 2009

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Movie Review: District 9

Got to see a preview screening of District 9 last night with Ed/tycho_anomaly, Jeff/hammerride, and naylandblake.

District 9 is worthy of all the hype and buzz and accolades you've been hearing. A breakout sci-fi movie, much like Alien, Blade Runner, Brazil, and Robocop, with elements of The Fly, Enemy Mine, and Alien Nation as well. Amazing alien design and special effects but an action story so riveting you stop wondering "How did they do that?!" and just enjoy the ride. I'd give it four stars out of four stars.

For future reference, though, the movie is not good for drinking games of taking a drink every time one of the characters says "fuck," or somebody blows up.

Now on to the forthcoming movies 9 and Nine!

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Hey Kids! Let’s Go See Someone Put on a Show!

August in New York means its time for our annual Fringe Festival of upstart theater groups putting on plays, musicals, and other works for a song (all tickets $15!).

The festival features well over 100 different productions. Here are some of the ones that sounded most intriguing, audacious, ridiculous, and/or really, really gay.

But I don’t want to bury the lead: Karl/bookbear is in one of the theater companies whose play was selected for inclusion in the Fringe Festival. He’s coming all the way from Madison, Wisconsin to be in the show! I’ve listed the description for his play first (see photo above, and blurb below). It plays on Fri 8/21 @ 7:45, Sun 8/23 @ 5:30, Tue 8/25 @ 3:45, Thu 8/27 @ 9:45, and Fri 8/28 @ 2:30, and given both the subject matter (promising nudity) and small theater (simulated sex) the dates (nudity) may (sex) sell out. Is anyone else interested in seeing this and welcoming bookbear (that’s him below in a production photo) to our big, bad city? If so, what dates work best for you?

Tearoom Tango
Welcome to the hidden world of bathroom sex.
Six men share their lives through frank and
disturbing monologues. The tearoom intertwines
with the stories and builds to an unforgettable
climax. Explicit content and brief
nudity. Mature audiences only.
1h 30m, Drama, Comedy

Abraham Lincoln’s Big, Gay Dance Party
Romance! Murder! Dancing! Honest Abe’s hometown puts a
teacher on trial for asking “Was Lincoln gay?” in this
new comedy of political “values.” See the events
through the eyes of the prosecution, defense or big
city reporter. You decide the order.
2h 15m, Comedy, Drama

Alchemist of Light
It's 1914 -- NOT a good year for a
has-been French filmmaker to plan his comeback
around a famous GERMAN story. But Georges Melies
says: “I laugh at danger!” Come watch legendary
films. See Melies shoot for the moon again.
1h 30m, Comedy

America’s Next Top Bottom: Cycle 5!
Do these boys have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Bottom?
Watch as these 7 ass-piring bottoms attempt to
outdress, outbitch, and outsass each other for the
crown. Who will get it in the end? YOU decide!!!
1h, Improv/Sketch/Stand-up, Comedy

Baby Wants Candy The Improvised Musical with Full Band
The audience shouts out titles of musicals that
have never been performed before. The first title
BWC hears becomes the title & basis for a 60-minute
completely improvised musical. “Critic’s Pick!”-
TimeOut NY, “Don’t Miss!”-Chicago Tribune,
“Entertainment Phenomenon!”-The Scotsman.
1h, Comedy, Musical

Baking with Bertha: Back to School Special
Take the homespun humor of Garrison Keillor, add the cooking skills
and stature of Julia Child, and toss in a little Ethel
Merman and you have BERTHA MASON.
BERTHA MASON is the creation of actor and
pastry chef, Michael Bowen.
1h 20m, Performance Art, Comedy

Bargains & Blood (How To Succeed In Home Shopping!)
A trailer park Cinderella becomes a messianic
home shopping hostess during a recession.
Featuring Bavarian-Crystal-selling dope fiends,
philandering TV pitchmen, and the vengeful exmistress
of the inventor of Hair-in-a-can! With blood
on the floor and bargains galore!
2h, Comedy, Drama

Be The Dog
Celebrate a world of complex human
relationships unearthed by one simply
exuberant dog. Four actors play a variety
of characters in this exhilarating comedy
based on stories by Dave Eggers.
How fast will you go in this race for bliss?
55m, Comedy, Drama

The Books
“The Books” chronicles the off-beat love story
of an American-Egyptian dominatrix and her
client over four sessions at his Queens
apartment. Through dark and light comedy,
the play examines the experience of sex in the
modern age.
1h 30m, Drama, Comedy

The Boxer
Depression Era. A bumbling Boxer. A lass dressed like
a lad. The Boxer is a unique silent film on-stage in
the style of Chaplin and Keaton comedies. Live
music, Love and Laughter gang up in this
roundhouse hit from Texas.
57m, Comedy, Clown/Mask

The Boys Upstairs
Sex, Dating, Friendship, and all the blurry lines in between...this
New York story invites you upstairs to the fabulous
living room of city boys who handle relationships,
careers, and the city with style, scandal, and specialty
2h, Comedy, Drama

Candide Americana
Our immigrant hero Candide’s epic journey leads him
through 9/11, Katrina, white supremacists, Arabseeking
lynch mobs, abortion clinic bombings, selfimmolating
activists, the no-fly terrorist list, hijackers,
and ponzi schemes. Is this REALLY the best of all
possible worlds?
1h 30m, Comedy, Drama

Two men share a prison cell with a notorious killer.
One is in love with him. One wants to become him.
Four female actors explore Jean Genet’s Deathwatch
in the U.S. premiere of Obie winning playwright
David Rudkin’s translation.
1h 30m, Drama, Comedy

Devil Boys From Beyond
Flying saucers! Backstabbing bitches! Muscle
hunks and men in pumps! Wake up and smell the
alien invasion in this outrageously insane comedy by
a multi-award winning artistic team including
Ridiculous Theatre Company’s Everett Quinton.
2h, NY Comedy

Diamond Dead
Death took the band Diamond Dead
to another level, now these zombies come to rock
your balls off and maybe save the world... but what’s
for dinner? Winner of the 2008 Best Musical Pick of
the Capital Fringe Festival.
1h 10m, Musical, Comedy

Dirty Stuff
A Blaxploitation Diva! A Gay Pimp! A Trailer Park Princess! An Arab
Playboy! They are all played by LOGO’s “Big Gay
Sketch Show” star Jonny McGovern in his GLAAD
award nominated “Dirty Stuff’, a one man cartoon
club crawl.
1h 20m, Comedy, Solo Show

Fancy Footwork
Biff! Bam! Pow! Nothin’ like a good hard fight. Will Washed-up
champ “Tornado” Tom make a comeback? Or will
the young challenger win? Each thinks he’s King of
the Ring. But who’s pulling the strings behind the
45m, Comedy

Far Out - the New Sci-Fi Musical Comedy
Boy meets girl, boy gets girl...boy fights singing-eyeball-aliendiva?!
Keep an eye open for this rollicking spoof
of classic 1950’s grade-B-alien-invasion movies, the
sock hop teen scene, and the cold war. It’s outta
1h 50m, Musical, Comedy

For the Love of Christ!
In 1979, a French-Canadian
airline steward flew into San Fransisco and all hell
broke loose! This bathhouse brouhaha explores the
Advent of AIDS while satirizing humanity’s
extremes: religious zealotry, gay drama and maniacal
monkeys make for an outrageous experience!
1h 30m, Musical, Comedy

Graveyard Shift - The American Tragedy Musical
Sex, Death, Zombies! This show has two of those three! A Zombie
Virus is spreading and our heroes at ValueVille
Superstore must survive the night. Lives are lost, love
is found...and we learn what it means to be truly
2h, Musical, Comedy

Harold Pinter Pair
Can a woman be both wife and mistress to her husband? Can
a man reckon with his wife’s erotic sadomasochistic
past? Harold Pinter’s compelling one-acts, The Lover
and Ashes To Ashes, examine contemporary
couplehood with his signature menace and hilarity.
1h 45m, Comedy, Drama

His Greatness
Based on a potentially true story about two days in the
last years of the life of the Great American Playwright
Tennessee Williams.
1h 55m, Drama, Comedy

I Can Has Cheezburger: The MusicLOL!
Snack attack! Come along as a cat journeys through the
alternate universe of the Internet in pursuit of his
one true love: a “cheezburger.” Based on cult website, this campy musical
romp is sure to make you LOL!
1h 20m, Musical, Comedy

Inferno: The New Rock Musical
Abandon all hope indeed. Dante, guitar in hand, leads a mighty band of
demons across the river Styx. This psychedelic rock
opera adaptation of the epic poem will have you
moshing with the devil. Hell has never been so hot!
1h 30m, Musical, Drama

Jen & Angie
Academy Award Winner/Humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, and People’s
Choice Nominee/Cougar, Jennifer Aniston, are
stranded together on a deserted island sans publicists,
stylists, and therapists. Things will get ugly. Who will
survive? Brought to you via the Upright Citizens

MoM - A Rock Concert Musical
Five suburban moms start a rock band just for
laughs and inadvertently become a phenomenon.
Man oh man do their lives change.
2h, Musical, Comedy

Pie Face! The Adventures of Anita Bryant
Before Miss California, there was Anita Bryant, the original scandalicious
beauty queen turned orange juice promoting, Jesusloving,
homo-hater. “A Tank in Taffeta!- “Inspired Hilarity!”- Orlando
Sentinel. “Tastes suspiciously like a banana cream
surprise...Delicious!”- Orlando Weekly.
1h, Comedy, Multimedia

Porn Rock - The Musical
The true story of a once under-aged exotic dancer who
moves to LA and explodes into an underground
rock star.This provocative, sexy, multimedia
rock-n-roll extravaganza invites you to join the
party.Are you ready to rock? PORN ROCK!
1h 45m, Musical, Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque

Enter the mind of brilliant composer Raymond
Scott, whose life’s work is hijacked by cartoonists.
With swing dancing, puppetry and futuristic music
machines. A new work from the creators of
FringeNYC hit “There Will Come Soft Rains,” Time
Out five-star pick.
1h 30m, Drama, Puppetry

Some Editing and Some Theme Music
With diaries replaced by tell-all YouTube channels, three people
discover themselves in an increasingly complicated
web of narcissistic self-marketing. If only we could
control our lives the way we control our online
1h 15m, Multimedia, Comedy

Sunday Best
Hallelujah! One woman, ten characters
and a wicked romp through the
devilishly funny minds of members of a Black
Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn. Questions of faith,
loss, and hat size abound amid irreverent
“ridiculosity,” punctuated with live gospel music.
1h 30m, Brooklyn, NY Solo Show, Comedy

Zipperface!!?!: The Hobo Musical
A parody of the recent rash of movie-based Broadway
musicals, this wicked murder mystery is a
reinterpretation of a little-seen 1989 bomb, as
performed by an all-singing cast of drunken hobos
and prostitutes. Oh, and there are robots.
1h 55m, Comedy, Musical