July 31st, 2009

movie popcorn

Why Ryan O'Neal was naked

My birthday movie party totally rocked, thanks to kathryntact, boymeat, lolitasir, danbearnyc, jazzbearny, deafdyke, sirpupnyc, hammerride, wonderboynj, and Scotty joining me. What's Up, Doc?, which I hadn't seen in years, held up remarkably well. Chelsea Classics projects most of their screenings from DVDs, but the remastered transfer for What's Up, Doc? is so pristine and their digital projection system so good it actually looked sharper and better than any film print up on the big screen. The movie has brilliant performances by Madeline Kahn and Kenneth Mars, as well as the character actors playing the old lady with all the jewelry (and boy toys), and the judge.

Afterwards we all went down the street to Righteous Urban Barbecue for some delicious smoked pastrami, smoked turkey, brisket, pulled pork, hot links, fried green tomatoes, cheesy fries, hush puppies, and topped off with probably the only restaurant that serves bacon chocolate chip cookies! Brian/wonderboynj and Cliff/jazzbearny won prizes (DVDs of Madeline Kahn's other brilliant comic performances in Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein) for being (respectively) the first to RSVP and having made all three of my birthday movie parties, although danbearnyc should have won one also for being the only person (possibly in the world) to recognize the movie I was quoting from when I shouted out "Hot colon coming through!" when squeezing down the row to go get some popcorn.

The highlight was at dinner when Dan was goading me to do my Marlo Thomas impression, and Lolita said "I can do Marlo Thomas!" and -- confusing Marlo with Mary Tyler Moore! -- grabbed boymeat's baseball cap to throw it up in the air. Only because it was spinning so fast as to be invisible, the cap was caught by the ceiling fan and thrown clear across the restaurant, almost into the kitchen!

A great time was had by all. Thanks to all my friends who came and made the party so special!

lolitasir and sirpupnyc have posted photos from the party last night. Some big smiles and some serious food porn -- check 'em out!