July 17th, 2009

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My life, in 140 characters or less

A Twitter-themed greeting card for sale on the internet -- no shit

My recent tweets from twitter, 'cause it's impossible to know too much about me:

• off to Hillside Campgrounds this weekend to commune with sleeping in late.

• A Chick-o-Stick, while shaped like a stick, contains no chicken. Discuss.

• I can no longer say "That and two dollars will get you on the subway." 'Cause it's now $2.25.

• Can I speak ill of the dead if I didn't know them? #dashsnow

• Was bitten by a spider last week. So far no superpowers. What's up with that?

• packin for trip to Denver tomorrow to start celebrating mudcub's 40th birthday early - cigars, boots, leather gloves... anything else?

[MJ memorial finally over] I CAN HAZ NEWZ NOW?

• tonight: Joe's Pub for Mike Daisey. For dessert after, trying to decide between Crumbs cupcakes, Japanese ice cream, or @desserttruck.

• The world is literally my Devil Dog.

• My work, home, and storage room are now all on the same floor of their buildings. I'm afraid I'll now press 9 in every elevator I get in.

• exhausted. 12th straight day at work. will probably be 18.

• I ♥ throwing stuff out.

• "Fierce advocate" has now been downgraded to "ally." Still, I'll take O over Shrub & Dickhead any day.

• crazed at work with move. too much stuff to go through and cull. seeing The Hangover tonight to decompress.

• Bears, tacos, and drag queens in the East Village tonight. Spectacular sunset as the skies cleared from the dark stormclouds earlier.

[MJ dead] And now he's one of the zombies. Too soon?

• I'm so tired I can't even twe

• backontwitterafterajampackedweekendwithmudcubMoMAstonewallat40met
• oh, and lots of hot monkey love!

• We're being moved at work from the 11th floor to the 9th floor, WHERE THE VENDING MACHINE IS. There goes my exercise regimen!

• Woken up this morning by the mating call of pigeons. Who said there's no wildlife in NYC? http://bit.ly/10mBLn

[Iran] The revolution will be twittered.

• Threw out a ton of stuff today. I'm ashamed at how old some of the magazines were. Even worse: found two copies of the same book.
• Still: I threw out a ton of stuff today.

• My employer, a welfare bank, is now running TV ads recommending that people take home hotel shampoo bottles to save money. #laugh/cry

• Yesterday's word was SEEK. Today's word is FUTURE. Tomorrow's word is HOME.

• Something weird about me: I make my tuna fish sandwiches on toasted cinnamon bread.

• Tonight's finale of Pushing Daisies was especially delightful - I'm so glad I caught it. I'm going to miss its whimsy & eye-popping design.

• Parting is such sweat sorrow: Today I threw out six T-shirts. I really need to throw out another 90. Seriously - I must have more than 120.

• I dreamt my work ID card came unglued and "melted" into its components, which I'm afraid is all too interpretable.

• Poker & cigars yesterday with the gang. I won $4! Woo hoo! It's a bag of Mint Milanos for me!

• More things I hate about New York: Duane Reades, which apparently have more stores than register clerks.