July 6th, 2009

gay vigilante

It was 40 years ago today…

After MoMA mudcub and I walked down Fifth Avenue to the august New York Public Library, yeah, the big one with the lions out front (Patience and Fortitude) that you’ve seen in countless movies. This was for their special exhibit for the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, with photos and artifacts from their archives documenting the burgeoning gay rights movement in New York in the late 60’s.

It was a small show but had some amazing pieces. I was a good patron and didn’t use flash in the less-than-bright hallway where the pieces were displayed under glass, so most of my pictures came out horribly. Thankfully, the Library finally has their online version of the exhibit up (I couldn’t find it the last time I went looking for it, it’s not well linked), so most of these images come from there.

Wow, the photos and documents were fascinating and moving.

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movie popcorn

Mark your calendars

For the last couple of years for my birthday I've invited friends to see a movie together, with a dinner to follow. Dutch treat in lieu of gifts. Two years ago we saw The Simpsons Movie. Last year it was the too-long-out-of-print The Ritz. Everybody had a great time at both of these. This year my LJ birthday movie invitational will be held on Thursday, July 30. Details to come, but the still above offers a clue -- of course it's a comedy.