July 4th, 2009

new york

Another pic from the archives

This is an uncropped photograph. A friend and I decided to take one of those boat tours that go around Manhattan, and I bought a one-use panoramic camera. We also played around with taking some vertical shots, for which both the World Trade Center buildings and the Statue of Liberty seemed appropriate. These were taken in 1998, eleven years ago. We got some fun shots from it, but they're somewhat impractical. The film needs special processing, and the prints are 12" wide (or tall), making them hard to mail to friends (unless you fold them), fit in frames and scrapbooks, or even keep in a standard file folder.

It was a beautiful day out on the river and tidal strait, even if the colors are muted here. Just call me Squinty McThor!*

* Actually, don't.