July 2nd, 2009

green square

Help Wanted

I’m reposting this from yesterday afternoon ’cause I still need one person who can help me out moving some boxes this weekend. Ideally this Saturday afternoon but I’m flexible, it could instead be Friday evening or Sunday late afternoon/evening. I will pay $20 an hour, with a minimum of three hours, even if it doesn’t take that long. Boxes are heavy but nothing's really heavy (the picture above is not where we’ll be moving, it’s a gag image from a famous movie) -- we're not moving furniture or dead bodies -- and no stairs are involved. The location is in West Chelsea.

Comments are screened (hidden) if you’d like to discuss helping out and earning a few bucks.

this is not a pipe

Making the art scene

After Paley Park mudcub and I paid another visit to MoMA. We started by taking in a screening of Andy Warhol’s Hedy, since mud had never seen a Warhol movie before.

Hedy is not one of Warhol’s most famous films, but it’s one of his classics, done the same year (1966) as his Chelsea Girls opus. Hedy has more narrative than most and includes many of his Factory superstars and regulars: Mario Montez, Ingrid Superstar, Mary Woronov, Gerard Malanga, Jack Smith, and Ronald Tavel, with music by The Velvet Underground (John Cale and Lou Reed). John Waters’ Female Trouble, with its similar plotline, owes much to Warhol’s camp survey of Hedy Lamarr’s glamorous-tragic life, addiction to plastic surgery, descent into crime (shoplifting), and trial in which her five husbands testify against her. She’s sentenced to drink poison. mud observed it probably contains one of the earliest graphic lesbian kisses on film (underground or conventional), albeit between a woman and a drag queen.

A   S T A G E   F O R   Y O U R   B A B Y   T O   D A N C E   U P O N

M o M A   D E S I G N   F A I L

Then we went out to the sculpture courtyard where mud was inspired by some of the art.

Then we went to see the Looking at Music: Side 2 exhibit, which had all sorts of amazing artifacts by artist-musicians in NYC from the 1970’s. We watched the full length version of Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”.

Here’s a drawing by Patti Smith of her then-lover Robert Mapplethorpe. Who knew she drew as well? The intensity of the eyes reminds me of fj.

A piece I had never seen before by one of my favorite artists, David Wojnarowicz.

We took a break to sit down for drinks and snacks at the Terrace Café, overlooking the sculpture courtyard.

This was our tableside view.

These are MoMA's offices across the way.

I totally love the mix of buildings you can see in NYC’s skylines.

We enjoyed artisanal beers and roasted blanched almonds with sea salt. mud ordered The Most Expensive Deviled Eggs in the World™ (they’re garnished with generous dollops of caviar). I was enjoying myself so much I neglected to take a photo, which I really should have because of their foo-foo plating, but thankfully another flickr photog did. We finished up with a pistachio ice cream sundae.

Walking through the museum, we got to see a new show, “Waste Not” by Song Dong, being installed by the artist himself and a bunch of assistants. The piece includes everything that the artist’s mother hoarded, having lived through years of deprivation of China’s Cultural Revolution, including the frame of her small home. It made me solemnly think about my packrat ways.

A   H O L E   T O   S E E   A   S T A I R W E L L   T H R O U G H

Our last stop was to see the “Rough Cut: Design Takes a Sharp Edge” design show. I liked the special DO NOT TOUCH signs they made for this exhibit.

mudcub really liked this heavy chain made with heart-shaped links...

...locked with a teddy-bear-shaped lock.