June 26th, 2009

pool flip

It’s a NYC cookie thing, let me help you understand

There were just a few boxes of Mallomars left on the shelf of a less-travelled grocery store, and I gotz me one, bitches.

Mallomars are a cookie from Nabisco that are largely only sold in the greater New York/Tri-State area, with additional sales down in Florida where a lot of Northeast retirees and snowbirds demand them. Nabisco makes a similar type of cookie sold nationally, called Pinwheels, but believe me, they aren’t nearly as good: the chocolate’s different (milk vs. Mallomars’ semi-sweet), the marshmallow is different, the cookie is different. Upon reflection, they’re similar to a s’mores, but with more chocolate and marshmallow than graham cracker-like cookie.

Mallomars disappear from the store shelves over the warm months, June through September, largely because a lot of NY-area markets and smaller distribution trucks don’t have sufficient air conditioning, but also because I think it encourages jonesing for them – the fact that you can’t get them makes you want them all the more. Their reappearance on store shelves in the fall is often heralded with mentions in our newspapers and NYC food blogs.

These won’t last me that long. Probably two days. Nom nom nom.