June 18th, 2009

new york

A cubicle with a view

They’re moving our offices at work in a couple of weeks. Thankfully we’re just moving from the 11th floor to the 9th floor. I went down and checked out my new veal crate work area.

This print poster on the wall will be my view, along with a window. Through the windows are a view very much like the skyline in the painting. Gone are the days when I worked on floors with major original works by Louise Nevelson and David Hockney from the corporate art collection!

I've never worked in an office with much of a view, because unless you work really, really high up, in such a built-up city like Manhattan your view from most buildings is the building across the street. I used to visit a friend who worked really high up in a tower, and my ears would always pop every time I rode the elevator -- his colds were always worse and longer, and I think that was a factor. I've also attended meetings in our various corporate boardrooms that have amazing views, and I usually end up feeling vertiginous. So I really don't mind not having a significant view.

But I will enjoy the indirect natural light (along with probably a few Stonehengian days where the sun actually peeks through the ’scrapers), it’ll help keep my S.A.D. not so bad.

I’m also on the far end, away from a huge 32-cubicle bullpen, so I’m happy about that.