April 23rd, 2009

bear cap

The Bears Who Brunch

Sunday brunch with some A-List Bears, still not sure how I got invited. Grilled hamburgers on the roofdeck, with potato salad, coleslaw, fruit salad, and a lemon tart. Several wines imbibed. Cigars followed with chilied and nutted and baconed dark chocolate. Smart men and spirited conversation. I let down my guard and shared my Worst Sex I Ever Had story, and probably won. Japanese manga s/m porn was brought out to share.

Here are my snapshots of the men there (taken before we went up to the roof): Kaz, our host, Ernie/faghatesgods, great to see ’cause he’s been MIA from LJ ’cause he’s been busy with work, and his partner Greg/mondragon, who geeked out talking about F-stops and ISO 180 and raw shooting with fellow photographers Kaz and Nayland, and naylandblake.

Everyone went home happy.

muybridge handspring

Running off to join the circus

Scott/sirpupnyc is a great friend to have, not just because he’s smart and sexy and funny, but also because he gets tickets to see shows through work (he’s one of the top editors at PLAYBILL). Last night we went to see the latest Cirque du Soleil show to hit NYC, Kooza.

What’s more, we had VIP tickets, and the best seats in the house, fourth row dead center. VIP ticketholders get a private reception tent, with souvenir photos and program book, and free drinks and food (mini burgers, shrimp/fruit and cheese/fruit skewers, crabcakes, hand-carved pork loin sandwiches, mini chicken tostadas, and lots of other finger food – not to mention desserts!), with lots of attentive staff.

This isn’t the souvenir photo. A drunk lady (free booze, remember) in line at the unisex bathrooms saw me take a picture of the circus tents and insisted that she take one of me with my camera.

When Cirque du Soleil first started touring to NYC decades ago, they would pitch their tents down in Battery Park City. Now there’s no undeveloped land remaining in Manhattan large enough for their tents (and parking), so they now hold their shows on various islands in the East River, so you have to take special ferries or buses over to see the show, which makes it a bit of an expedition. But the trip was worth it, and even if I had paid for my ticket for the show I would have felt I got my money’s worth.

The Cirque was magical and delightful, as I’ve come to expect (this is my fifth Cirque show). The stage and sets and high-wire riggings are amazing, especially considering they pack everything up (the huge tent seats 2700!) into trucks every few months and cart it off and reconstruct it in other cities. The live music is great, and the costumes, as always, are eye-popping and wonderful, including one that changes colors in the blink of an eye in the first scene.

There were dancers and contortionists and acrobats and balancers and death-defying stunts and trapeze artists and unicycle dancers and clowns and a pickpocket specialty act. No performing animals, which I like (although this show includes a man in a complete dog suit who urinates from the stage!). Lots of muscley, spandexed, bulging-codpieced acrobats to enjoy.

And two beefy men in black latex costumes in the Double Ring of Death!