April 21st, 2009


My life, in 140 characters or less

Robert Crumb, Zap Comix, circa 1969
At least the technology got smaller!

Some of my tweets from twitter. Not surprisingly, most of them are about food and movies. And a few twitter-specific jokes. They run backwards in time, a few multiple part posts have their order reversed so they’re not confusing to the twitterless.

▪ Dear Universe: I’ve been a good person. Please don’t make me have to watch, under any circumstances, THE SOLOIST.

▪ @ianwelch thanks for sharing that great Frank Rich piece on the tide turning toward gay marriage, http://tinyurl.com/djflw

▪ I'm getting so many strange, unknown followers here on Twitter I'm beginning to feel like the next victim in a zombie movie. "Eyeballs..."

▪ Israeli sumo wrestlers, outing homosexual Republicans, experimental Austrian erotica, John Hurt as Quentin Crisp again 34 years later...

▪ ...and little people vs. mascots (Gary Coleman's comeback!) -- got my Tribeca Film Festival tickets!

▪ Best performance by an actor in a movie you'll probably never see: John Malkovich in THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD. With Ricky Jay & Tom Hanks' son.

▪ Oh noz! I missed Monte Cristo sandwich day in the cafeteria! Thor sad, and hungry for salty-sweet-eggy-cheesy goodness.

▪ Bought some cheap peanut brittle and just broke off and ate the pieces with nuts. Are peanuts really that much more expensive than sugar?!!

▪ Just discovered that Twitter has a blog. Which somehow seems intrinsically wrong.

▪ just said goodbye to Matt/badfaggot after a lazy afternoon of tacos, homebaked cookies, The Simpsons, Daily Show, and some PBS atrocities...

▪ Kidney stone FINALLY came out, was causing me problems and pain for weeks if not months. As expected it was large, jagged, and oddly shaped.

▪ I'm celebrating with a big bowl of popcorn and what's piled up on my Tivo.

▪ I thought I made a new friend here but it turns out she just wants to sell me bulk shampoo for my dog. Twitter = Amway + a computer.

▪ w00t! my a.m. commuter paper starting running KEN KEN puzzles. My first try was total FAIL but my second total NAIL. More fun than sudoku!

▪ badfaggot's comin' to town - time to clean the apt & stock up on beer. and make tacos!!!

▪ I actually saw SNOW FLURRIES this morning. Hey Mother Nature, WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

▪ Analogist, not Luddite. After 20+ years of carrying around a six-ring notebook, I've graduated to a Moleskin. I got the one in Jungle Red.

▪ I’m so tarred I'm tard. No sleep on redeye last night. Tonight I will enjoy the sleep of the just... exhausted.

▪ Feelin so beat down from work that not even a 2/3-off sale on Cocoa Pebbles makes me happy -- although I still bought two boxes.

▪ Today's shopping list: pick up boots being altered at leathermaker's, hand-rolled cigar, new dog dish. 'Cause I'm packing for Vegas, y'know.

▪ Today I scored a 5: while walking down the sidewalk, I passed 5 people IN A ROW talking on their cell phones!

▪ thornyc is off to poker & cigars & BBQ with Olli, Scott, Lolita, @boymeat, a Jeopardy champion, and another Scott, at Nayland's. Woo-hoo!

▪ The very best almond croissants come from Java City, and I just ates one. I serve them with extra sharp cheddar cheese to cut the richness.

▪ OMG, a new sitcom about synthetic food engineering. BETTER OFF TED is a clone of THE OFFICE, as envisioned by David Lynch or Terry Gilliam.

▪ MONSTERS VS. ALIENS: Overhyped but still fun. Surprisingly adult. Female heroine. New Real 3-D so much better than old fake 3-D! And...

▪ ...coming attraction for WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Spike Jonez & Dave Eggers, and wild thing design by Jim Henson's Creature Shop! And...

▪ ...new EXPANDED coming attraction for Pixar's UP - you won't believe what happens! It just keeps getting better and better.

▪ Tonight: seeing MONSTERS VS. ALIENS in 3-D, glorious Technicolor, breathtaking Cinemascope, and Stereophonic sound!

▪ Great Italian restaurant dinner followed by cigars AT THE TABLE with 5 LiveJournal friends tonight. Much conversation, laughter, and garlic!

▪ Fuckity fuck fuck - for the first time in 20+ years, I lost my book of things to remember.

▪ On line at the St. Mark's Kmart: A little people couple, pierced, tatted, totally gothed out. She had 'BITE SIZE' tattooed on her knuckles.

▪ Breach in the space-time lunch continuum: I put corn chips inside my tuna sandwich, just like I did when I was in second grade.

▪ Signs of the recession: my fave Chinese lunch place's eggrolls are now significantly smaller. Does cabbage and grease really cost that much?

▪ File under "Bad Ideas" and "Now I Know": Do NOT put a Rice Krispies Treat in the microwave. It loses all structural integrity.

▪ I do not like green tea shampoo. I do not like in a boat. I do not like it with a goat. I do not like it, Sam-Be-You. I do not like green...

▪ FOR TODAY, I WILL remember that my life is more than my documentation of it.

▪ This weekend's NYC Film Festival selection was the pimptastic WILLIE DYNAMITE, starring Gordon from Sesame Street! chick-a-wah-wah!

▪ Dear Tom Hanks and Nicholas Cage: Please stop making crappy movies.

▪ thornyc is concerned that twitter makes too many people think, write, and refer to themselves in the third person.

▪ Squeeeee!!! My new issue of WUVABLE OAF just arrived! *toes curling in delight* http://www.wuvableoaf.com

▪ I plucked my SOLE gray eyebrow. Let this be a lesson to all the others!

▪ So Rush Limbaugh is the new leader of the Republican Party? I couldn't be happier. Although there were those that felt similarly in 1933....


▪ I love reading AARP magazine at my dentist's to see which celebrities are older than me: Patrick Duffy, Vicki Lawrence, Joyce DeWitt!

▪ Saw the catalog for Nayland Blake's Behavior show, and it's f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! Coming soon to a lulu VERY near you. [Edit: see here: http://www.lulu.com/content/6547523]