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April 6th, 2009 - One monkey typing Shakespeare, one post at a time — LiveJournal

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April 6th, 2009

11:17 pm - Vegas, Baby!

F R A N K / ednixon   C A U G H T   I N   T H E   A C T

Almost the entire John Kenny Contingent was at Smokeout last weekend -- the one and only Frank/ednixon, urso, bigredpaul, and Alan (minus bigjohnsf, away on family business) -- along with hundreds of other cigarmen and pipemen, bears, and bikers. See ednixon's and Drew/bootedintexas's Journals and galleries (here's the counterphoto) for lots more photos. I'll be posting more, too.

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11:34 pm - All you can eat

S U S H I ,   A N Y O N E ?

mudcub   S W I M S   W I T H   T H E   F I S H I E S

A T   B E I J I N G   N O O D L E   N O .   9 ,   C A E S A R ' S   P A L A C E

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