March 13th, 2009

comic book guy

The artwork of partizan74

I have a Russian commercial artist on my Friends list, who’s highly talented and extremely accomplished. His name is Nikolai Nikolaevich Dihtyarenko, here as partizan74. I first became aware of and sought out his work because a comically doctored version of the above fantastical image was widely reproduced on the web.

He specializes in paintings of military, soldiers, battle scenes, and also fantasy, with a predilection for uniforms, boots, and beards. He also has a thing for gnomes!

He also appears to be involved with military reenactment societies. I don’t know too much more about him -- his writing is in Cyrillic Russian which the online translators do a remarkably bad job of translating, for instance:
One of the game, I say "kill" their feet, as it may seem like from 7:00 to 16:00, so cross to me already sore.

But I did translate one post enough that I believe this to be a photograph of the artist – and it’s Wuvable Oaf’s Russian cousin!

He sells reproductions of his work through a Russian PrintDirect store, but you’d have to navigate the Russian language and who knows if they ship internationally!

Here’s some of my favorite works of his.

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