February 20th, 2009

I want a taco

My tweets bring all the twitterheads to the yard

a hipster dad had the twitter fail whale tattooed on one of his calves

They blocked twitter at work about a week after I joined up, so I only check in with it twice a day: once in the morning, and once at night. I’m still pretty dubious about its merits, but it’s fun to fool around on.

I can see how it might be useful for a group of peers, working on the same projects or type of work, to use it, it could increase the user/group learning curves and productivity. Although there’s already plenty of group project management programs out there that do pretty much the same thing.

Although I have to say the 140-character limitation on posts does make you focus on exactly what it is you want to communicate. I spend most of my time editing down my tweets to their essence – it’s kind of a game – and it’s amusing how many of them come in just under the wire at 139 or 140 characters.

Some people post about their morning commute and every time they go to the gym (ahem). Or what they had for lunch (I do that too, but only if it’s exceptionally yummy or bad). Other only put pointers to news and other interesting stuff out on the web. One twitfriend links in some sort of GPS locator, which would be great if I lived nearby enough to stalk him (and he’s very stalkable, although his husband might disagree). But, like Live Journal, everyone uses their twitter in their own way and for their own purposes.

But since there’s no way to filter who you prefer to read, and since I’m not the type that’s peering and poking into an iShinyslabocircuits every ten minutes (am I a bad person because I’m waiting for reports of people who are accidentally injured or killed in real life because they were too immersed in their virtual one?), I’m going to have to start deflowering, er, I mean, defollowing people (it’s like unfriending people here).

The tweets I like most are ones that are personal, observational, and informational (as opposed to factoidal – although I suppose one person’s TMI is another’s OMG). I try to keep mine along those lines. Here’s a sampling from my last month or so on twitter:

(Note to anal-rentative twitterers: I’ve reversed the latest-on-top order of several pairs of posts with sequential narrative.)

• FREAK CITY on my morning bus. A crackhead, two babbling lunatics, and an antisocial slob. Some days I </3 NY.

• Damn. Chipped a tooth today. Wait -- I was eating spaghetti. So I guess that means I'm falling apart.

• Bad night: Passing another kidney stone. Feeling cranky AND sorry for myself. You kids get off of my lawn!!!1

• There's a folk remedy for kidney stones all over the innerwebs involving prodigious amounts of CANNED asparagus and Coca-Cola.

• Today's *foodgasm*: cinnamon swirl bread, toasted, spread with dark chocolate peanut butter

• @nadya perhaps you should have thought of that before you had 14 kids

• If you love gentle human comedies or Mike Leigh films, see Happy-Go-Lucky. Otherwise, you're better off renting and watching Amelie again.

• Matt Johnson (badfaggot) on Larry Townsend's The Leatherman's Handbook: http://www.leatherarchives.... (page 16)

• did anyone else catch RuPaul's "show us your Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent!" joke that she got past the censors on her new show?

• I think I use my oven more for hiding dirty dishes than I do baking.

• That's just wrong: I saw a dog out for walkies dressed in a fur coat. I sure hope it's fake.

• Tonight, Charles Busch & Kathleen Turner in Busch's new play, a campy mash-up of "gangster flicks, fairy tales, and sci-fi B-movies"

• Whenever you see a mutant, a mob queen, and a dysfunctional mother-son relationship in the first act, you know they'll be used in the second

• OMG, a woman with a 40's style veil attached to her WINTER CAP -- does this bus go to Belgrade?

• Having bought two cookies from Bouchon Bakery ($5), I can now say I've eaten some of Thomas Keller's food.

• Off to see marathon performance of TORCH SONG TRILOGY - all three plays in one day. Burger Joint and Empanada Mama for meal breaks?

• C-c-cold out. A few brave souls at Shake Shack, with space heaters they're now open year-round. I'll have to go there next time it snows.

• CORALINE 3-D was charming, amazing, and delightful. And since NYComicCon is this wknd, director Henry Selick was there to present and Q&A!

• dubbing the Brothers Quay "Street of Crocodiles" while working at the computer. I'm sure just the score will give me nightmares.

• The fat lady sings tonight: HD theatrical telecast of Orfeo et Euridice, choreography by Mark Morris, costumes by Isaac Mizrahi. GAAAY!

• O wonder! / How many goodly creatures are there here! / How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world / That has such people in't!

• ...they've started printing poems on Metrocards. That was by Shakespeare, who clearly never took the 6 train.

• barriernoia: that delay between scanning your work ID and the office elevators gates open, and you worry that you may have been laid off

• Experiments in sleep deprivation: passed out into a nap, something that happens about twice a year, not counting tryptophan comas.

• If we can put a man on the moon, why can't they make an onion ring that doesn't give you stinky farts?

• One of my favorite things about winter: ice-cold water from the tap.

• Up twice since midnight. No more cheese rarebit for me -- although in this case it was a pepperoni & pineapple pizza.

• I have a starring role in My Thumbs Too Big to Text With Bob, open-ended run.

• Got the last of the state quarters in my CHANGE while in DC, which seems appropriate, 'cause, well, you know. On it: King Kamehameha & isles

• worst part of being locked out of twitter at work: I can't complain how late I have to stay (10 pm tonight). going in on weekends is next.

• Kinsey Sicks & then R.U.B. BBQ w/ friends. We talked of drag and dandies.

• @mudcub in japan, EVERYTHING is designed: http://tinyurl.com/2qkakn

• You know you're in a recession when... I put down two bags of groceries I was carrying to pick up a quarter in the street.

• "The Lactation Room" - a special office set aside here at work *finally* has a new door nameplate, "The Mother's Room".

• After decades of resisting - "they don't look that good" - I finally bought some cookies at McD's. They're actually pretty good.

• I <3 me some Gabapentin for a good night's sleep.

• The remaining owed on our NYC co-op mortgage came to a nice *round* number - only $5,000.00! Hopefully it'll still be worth that.

• The skinny-crazy-obscenity-shouting guy is back at his usual spot at 44th & Lexington. I guess he's not going to MacWorld.

• socks :: laundry as staplers :: desk GRRRRR

• @octothorpe 4Q09 - Twitter adopts MICROSOFT a new business DODGE TRUCKS model to try WAL-MART and make money.

1 Full disclosure: I stole this joke from furr_a_bruin ’cause it was funny, and appropriate.

this is not a pipe

Ceci n'est deux pipes

Thanks to bearotic, a pretty good bear blog (although it posts too much stuff that’s not bearcentric – I mean, Wallace & Gromit, WTF?!), I’m informed that today is International Pipe Smoking Day. In honor of such an august designation, I give you a couple photos of me enjoying one of my pipes. The first was taken while visiting Red Rock Canyon while in Las Vegas for Smokeout with niagarabear a few years ago. The full-bent black sandblast pipe is by David Jones, the second-best Ameican pipemaker next to JM Boswell. The second photo was taken a few years before that, at the Hotspitality Suite following the Folsom Street Fair out in San Francisco. Magnum pipe by Ashton, awesome Sturgis T from my buddy hammerride, gloves from toughgloves.com. If you’re a pipeman, post a pic of yourself today!