February 15th, 2009

lick eye

Favorite photos of the week


This really should be called "Favorite photos of the month" since it's been AWOL for a while. And the 'photos' is really a misnomer too, since I include art and LOL shit and other stuff.

Things have gotten stoopid-crazy busy at work. I crunch numbers for a loan portfolio, and to quantify it, my workload has increased 1600% in the past year. All this at the same time as everyone's job is in jeopardy, our company's stock has been in freefall, and there's a chance the whole company could go down the tubes. Uh, stressful. Later hours + shorter lunch breaks = less time for LJ.

I've already stopped my Saturday Comix round-ups, and this is probably next to go. Or maybe I'll continue to do it when I have an hour or two to surf, compile, and post. Like I did this weekend.

The purpose was/is? to celebrate and share some of the mighty talent here on LJ, and perhaps have you discover new friends, communities, and website feeds. Enjoy.

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