February 6th, 2009

taco love

Two or three things about me you probably didn’t want to know

There’s this bear website that wanted to interview me. I put it off for the longest time, a combination of incredulousness, modesty, and ghosts of inarticulateness past. Finally, I sat down for it. It was kinda funny, after judging three leather contests in the past year lobbing out questions, to be on the other side of the table. And it wasn’t a bad experience at all, and once it was over I wondered why I had ever put it off.

The website is thetwistedbear.com (a companion to their main site, thecompletebear.com) for bears who are, well, twisted (and now I have the urge to dial up Joni or Bette’s version of the song on my ’Pod). It’s not a bad site as bear sites go. They have a store, of course, and I appreciate that they carry clothing and leather in sizes up to 6XL – unlike certain clothing manufacturers that shall remain nameless NASTY PIG who don’t make their pants above a 36" waist because they’re unrepentant physicalist, cacomorphobic, body fascists who don’t want big boys wearing their clothes. I won’t buy any clothing from a store that doesn’t carry my size.

You can read the interview here, if you’re so twisted. They asked a couple of questions about thorny issues, but don’t worry, I shied away from any longwindedness, and I’m certainly not any kind of Sister Mary Explains it All For You. They did a good job of redaction but I wish they had done a little better copyediting (ghosts of inarticulateness present), but I’ve been so busy I didn’t have time to send in requested corrections. Grammar Nazis, please be gentle.