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January 27th, 2009 - One monkey typing Shakespeare, one post at a time — LiveJournal

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January 27th, 2009

11:53 am - A life live journaled

I’m neither a very good writer nor much of a photographer. Still, these are my favorite posts from the past year. If you’re new to my journal or don’t read your Friends page regularly, you might enjoy clicking on one or more of the following.

Sand + Fire
At last it can be told

The sweet with the bitter

Adventures in cookie-baking

To the men in my life (you know who you are)

Alison Bechtel’s Compulsory Reading
Goodnight, Opus

It’s the 25th Annual Aquidneck Island Police Parade
International Mr. Leather XXX – and YOU are there! (Possibly NSFW)
Saturday in the back room with Phil and Ernie (Friends Only, NSFW)

Revolting homosexuals of yore

I was a teenage science geek, just not very good at it

The Return of Name That Movie Quiz III
Quiz Results 1
Quiz Results 2
Quiz Results 3
Quiz Results 4

What the pictures tell me
A visit to the Getty
Big Queer Artist Has Big Queer Show in Big Spiral Museum (NSFW)
Laundry night with naylandblake
My favorite snapshots of the year

It’s a nice day for a gay wedding
San Francisco snapshots

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