January 23rd, 2009


How to Be a Comment Whore in Twelve Easy Lessons

It’s always interesting to take a look back and see which posts during the last year got the most comments. Anyone new to Live Journal soon learns that you can pour your heart out in a personal post, or spend hours drafting and polishing an essay on an important social issue, and you’ll get... the sound of crickets. But post a silly picture or make some pop-culture reference and you’ll be deluged with comments. But you can never really predict the outcome, as evidenced by looking over my posts each month that got the most comments:

A new pic for the new year - 51 comments
A photo of myself, in leather (which got repurposed yesterday)
Because the Grammar Nazi cares - 51 comments
Rant about a homophone mistake that drives me crazy

Something I’ve never done before - 76 comments
I cull my Friends List!

MARCH (tie)
Caption Contest - 25 comments
Question No. 8 - Uniformly Speaking - 25 comments
My favorite uniforms

Chillin wit my homies S, C, & P - 57 comments
Kellogg’s cereals merchandises a line of hip-hop/“urban” clothing for adults

Wallflower at the wedding reception - 53 comments
Rant about straight friends not supporting gay marriage enough

Four Little Words: - 32 comments
A so-bad-it’s-fun cult movie

I’m only 13 in lemur years - 58 comments
A picture of myself on my birthday

Guys I would fuck - 37 comments
Uh, this one’s pretty self-explanatory, but of course it contains pictures

The photography (and men) of Blake Little – 100 comments
A talented photographer’s portraits of bears – but opening up the old controversies about A-List bears, beauty, physicalism, and objectification

Uncle Thor’s Rainy Day Grab-Bag Activity Book Fun Page! - 31 comments
A funny and disturbingly homoerotic piece of retro art

The Nayland Blake fan club will now come to order - 84 comments
I offer up copies of a magazine with a friend’s interview and photo spread (including naked ones)

(no subject) - 87 comments
This one was true comment whoring, a live wail after the anesthesia wore off after emergency surgery and a sleepless night

So if you want to engage your friends and readers on LJ and get lots of comments, my advice to you is to forget about your proposals for peace in Somalia, memes, or what you had for lunch today, and post a pic of yourself – preferably naked.

What post of yours last year got the most comments?

pirate beard

Name That Bearded Man quiz results

OK, like tycho_anomaly’s Movie Quizzes, I guess most of you found yesterday’s Name That Bearded Man quiz too difficult, given the small number of entries. Congratulations to progbear, who got five of the twelve correct!

For what it’s worth, here are the bearded men named:

Leonard Da Vinci, Shel Silverstein, John Muir

Mick Jagger, Tim Harrington (of the band Les Savy Fav), Jim Morrison

Herman Melville, Ernest Hemingway, Auguste Rodin

Antoni Gaudi, Edward Gorey
Bruce Willis