January 22nd, 2009

pirate beard

Name the Bearded Man quiz!


I’ve recently discovered and have been enjoying the Beard Revue blog (available on your LJ Friends page via beardrevue), where these images come from.

How many of these bearded men can you name? (including the stylized representation above). All of them are famous to some degree, although you’d have to be into alt/indie rock to get one ringer.

Keep your answers in order, numbered 1 through 12. I guess I should come up with a prize if anyone gets all twelve correct, without cheating. All comments will be screened for the first 24 hours of this post so more people can play. No penalties for a wrong guess.

Here’s one of the more fascinating posts from the Beard Revue:


And there’ll be a special Beard & Moustache event here in NYC, in Brooklyn, on March 14:


And here’s a special set just for Tony/snousle:
With the punch line here:

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